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Expo Deconarq 2023


Are you passionate about architecture and design? Are you eager to witness the latest innovations in the industry and connect with leading professionals? Look no further! Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated 'Expo Deconarq 2023' set to take place from Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24 August 2023 at the prestigious Cancun Exhibitions and Conventions Center, located on Boulevard Kukulcan. This extraordinary event promises to be a gateway to the future of architecture and design, providing a platform for creative minds to converge and redefine the boundaries of aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality.

Unveiling the Expo Deconarq 2023: Expo Deconarq, a name synonymous with cutting-edge ideas, artistic brilliance, and revolutionary designs, is back with its grandest edition yet. As the world emerges into an era of dynamic advancements, this annual expo remains committed to showcasing the most innovative concepts, technologies, and trends that will shape the future of architecture and design.

Event Highlights

Architectural Marvels Exhibition: Step into a realm where artistic vision meets structural engineering. Witness awe-inspiring architectural marvels from across the globe, each pushing the boundaries of creativity and sustainability.

Design Innovations Showcase: Explore a curated selection of groundbreaking design innovations that bring artistry and functionality into harmony. From eco-friendly materials to futuristic interior concepts, be inspired by the possibilities of design.

Renowned Guest Speakers: Listen to influential thought leaders and industry experts as they share their insights, experiences, and vision for the future. Get valuable knowledge and advice from some of the most prominent figures in the architecture and design world.

Interactive Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops conducted by seasoned professionals. Learn new skills, experiment with cutting-edge tools, and nurture your creative talents.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with architects, designers, suppliers, and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Forge new partnerships, exchange ideas, and broaden your professional network.

Sustainable Solutions Pavilion: Immerse yourself in a world of sustainable practices and eco-conscious design solutions. Witness how the industry is taking significant strides towards a greener and more sustainable future.

The Venue: Cancun Exhibitions and Conventions Center: Nestled in the heart of Cancun's bustling Boulevard Kukulcan, the Cancun Exhibitions and Conventions Center stands tall as a testament to modern architectural brilliance. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge infrastructure, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for Expo Deconarq 2023. Its strategic location ensures easy accessibility for participants and visitors, making it an ideal hub for this prestigious event.


Expo Deconarq 2023 is not just another event; it is an experience that will transform the way you perceive architecture and design. From visionary creations to sustainable solutions, this expo promises to ignite your creativity, broaden your horizons, and inspire you to contribute to the evolution of the industry.

So, whether you are an aspiring architect, an established designer, or simply someone who admires the beauty of architectural masterpieces, be sure to attend Expo Deconarq 2023 at the Cancun Exhibitions and Conventions Center from Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24 August 2023. Embrace the future of architecture and design – you don't want to miss it! Register now and be a part of this remarkable journey into the realm of innovation and imagination. See you there

Date: Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24 August 2023    

Venue: Cancun Exhibitions and Conventions Center, Boulevard Kukulcan, Mexico

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