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Best Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Tiles Manufacturer | 600 x 1200 mm

Floor Tiles

600 x 1200 mm

When it comes to styling your space, the size of your tiles plays a crucial role. For those seeking a design that requires fewer tiles yet exudes sophistication, look no further than Skytouch Ceramic's 600mm x 1200mm floor tiles. With their larger dimensions, these tiles offer seamless coverage with fewer pieces, making them an ideal choice for any area. From the cozy ambiance of living rooms to the functional beauty of kitchens, the durability and versatility of our 2x4 ft floor tiles make them perfect for every space. Whether indoors or outdoors, in bathrooms or commercial areas, these tiles elevate the aesthetics while providing practicality.

As a leading Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Manufacturer, Skytouch Ceramic ensures top-notch quality and material in every tile. Our extensive range of 600mm x 1200mm tiles boasts various finishes, including Glossy, High Gloss, Matte, Bookmatch, Carving, Polished, Carving Endless, and Glossy Multi, catering to diverse design preferences. Choose from a captivating palette of colors, including Black, Brown, Cream, and Grey, to add depth and character to your design scheme

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