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3D Tiles Manufacturer in India

The world of flooring tiles is improving and becoming more extravagant than it was before! Welcome to the field of 3d floor tiles, which will give your floor a completely new look and venture to move on with. Our team from Skytouch Ceramic would like to offer you some of the classic and designer 3D floor files, which you won’t find anywhere else.

These 3D tiles for the rooms are tempered glass, which comes in handy with the 3D image deposited right on it. These tiles are mostly created with the help of microlens technology. That helps to give rise to that realistic image. It feels like you can almost touch the real graphic or design. That’s what makes our 3D so realistic and highly popular among the masses.

Whether it is a commercial or residential property, our well-trained MANUFACTURER will offer the best 3D floor tiles, to add that level of sophistication and modern look to your place. Some of the trendiest 3d tile designs these days are hills, cutlery, flowers, diamonds, geometric shapes, beaches, and more.

Our 3d tiles for the front wall are amazing trends and available within your affordable ranges. From what you are going to get from our products, the prices are worth the investment. Call us at +91 70466 90088 or email us at skytouchcera@gmail.com and we will present you with the various options we have laid in front of you.

Latest 3D Tiles Designs:

Now, from what you have seen so far, there are different options available with 3D tiles. Unless you are sure of your best 3d floor tiles design, you can’t seem to be making the right choice. Well, that’s when you need to be aware of the trendiest designs available before you can make way for the best choice.

•    Hills:

Want to add that classic natural beauty to your place in the middle of hustling city life? If so, then the 3D designs with hills and mountains on them will be a classic choice to follow. It helps in inviting a bit of nature into your city life.

•    Cutlery:

Food forms a major part of people’s life. So, if you are trying to decorate the kitchen walls with 3D tiles, then cutlery designs are some of the trendiest you can opt for. The fruits and vegetable designs are quite back-dated, with cutlery taking the front seat.

•    Flowers:

For that floral look to your place, flowers will be another trendy design to look into while decorating your 3D tiles. It is important to check out all the options before you can invest in floral designs. You can opt for the black and white version or the colorful ones.

•    Diamonds:

Diamonds are some of the other prettiest designs to look into while focusing on 3D tiles. You will be amazed by the colorful or basic white diamond 3D tile designs available nowadays. The white version gives a rich, sophisticated, and classic look to the walls.

•    Geometric shapes:

If you are looking for something unique and popular in terms of 3D floor tile, then geometric shapes are truly your biggest friend you can opt for. We have some of the most popular ones waiting for you to grab.

•    Beaches:

Want to add new meaning and look to your floor? Willing to give out a beachy vibe to your living room space? If so, then the beach designs for the 3D tiles will always act in your favor. Right from the sands to the water splashes, you can add all these designs with these 3D tiles from our side.

These are few of the many designs you can look at as the trendiest ones these days while planning to invest some bucks in 3D tiles now.

Size of 3D Tiles manufactured by Skytouch Ceramics:

Our team from Skytouch Ceramics is known to offer the basic size, which can work with most of the places. Whether you are planning to decorate the floor of your living room or the walls in your kitchen space, our basic sized tiles will always act in your favor. 

•    600 x 600 mm is our standard size for 3d tiles for kitchen and also to cover the floors.
•    The size is pretty small, making it easier to transport.
•    With such sizes, there is limited wastage of material, which we will manage from the start till the end.
•    Moreover, these tiles are super durable and won’t break even with repeated use, on a daily basis.

Specification of 3D Tiles:

Before you proceed further and invest some bucks in our 3 tiles, we would like you to learn some of the specifications, which make these tiles a better choice among the lot. So, let’s start with the features to cover up.
•    Our 3D tiles are known for their lower maintenance feature. So, they won’t stain or scratch easily.
•    These tiles are durable, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and also reliable, to say the least.
•    Once invested, these 3D tiles are known to have a longer shelf life. So, it will work out as a one-time investment plan from your side.
•    These tiles are able to withstand heavy loads. So, you can place them in higher-traffic areas.
•    The designs and colors of these 3D tiles from our side can last for a minimum of 10 years. With proper maintenance from your side, the lifespan will exceed the 10-year benchmark!
•    These 3D tiles are always proven to be neutral to some of the aggressive chemical environments over here.

Different surfaces in which Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles are available:

In order to provide our clients with some of the best 3D tile choices, we have presented the tiles under different surface versions. Those are:

•    Carpet Matte

•    High Gloss

•    Marble marvelous

•    Glossy  

Our competitive advantage in the 3D tile industry:

By using the latest tools and technologies, we are proud to present 3D tiles within pre-set budget plans. We are further able to cover bigger bulk orders on time, without compromising on quality. From our side, get the opportunity to receive items at affordable rates!


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