Double Charged Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer in India

Double Charged Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer in India

Vitrified tiles are ceramic tiles with exceptionally low permeability that are a cost-effective replacement for marble and granite tiles. In India, Skytouch Ceramic is by far the best company manufacturing double charge vitrified tiles with a wide range of products.

Benefits of Double Charge Tiles

Double charge tiles are the most popular option in tiling for commercial and domestic applications since they can endure high activity and require absolutely little maintenance far the most popular option in flooring for both commercial and residential applications they can endure heavy traffic and require extremely little care when contrasted to any other type of tile!

The top part of Double Charge is quite bulky (about 30% to 50% of overall tile width), which renders the surface significantly tougher when compared to GVT and PGVT. Since GVT and PGVT have just 1 to 2 mm of a glazed smooth finish with nano-coating covering and the glazing patterns are technologically produced on that coated surface. While in Double Charge Design, the layout is an element of the body rather than an imprint on the exterior. This is similar to selecting between two styles of fabric: a fabric having a pattern imprinted on it and other with a motif weaved with string directly.

Their Stain, Wear, and Scratch Resistance properties make them stand out and make them more desirable.Gentler objects can be scratched by tougher ones. Aside from just that When something rough and jagged scrapes the face of the Double Charge, the color body performs a far good job of disguising the damage. Because Style is a component of the Body in Double Charge, this really is conceivable. However, the designing level in PGVT and GVT is not just delicate, but also distinct from the lower structure, making scratches highly visible. Only Full Body Vitrified Tiles are superior in this regard since the colors are evenly distributed throughout the tile, but they are more expensive than the very durable Double Charge.

Just no vitrified floor tiles get close to Double Charge in terms of durability. It is the most powerful of all. It's even more durable than Full Body Vitrified Tiles. Explore no farther than double charge if you desire your flooring to last indefinitely. Low water absorption and smooth surface make them an owner’s delight, it is easy to clean and maintain and the double charge is a superior type of Vitrified Tiles that is built to sustain. GVT and PGVT are only for appearance, but for long-term use, constantly select Double Charge.
The price is greater than for GVT and PGVT but cheaper than for Full Body. So, in terms of cost-performance, Double Charge is the ideal blend of strong, durable, and long-lasting tiles.

Applications areas where double charge vitrified can be used

Skytouch Ceramic is a prominent brand engaged in the manufacturer of superior quality of tiles. With the most revered and wide range of products, their double charge vitrified tiles range is easily one of their most trusted and popular offering. These double charge tiles are perfect for all and every space around the house or in a commercial setting. 
The best double charged vitrified tiles, Skytouch Ceramic product is perfect for all kinds of commercial spaces and fits and performs exquisitely. 
In residential spaces too, these best double charged vitrified tiles, are suitable for any setting. All owed to its composition and aesthetics, these double charge tiles are great as flooring options in lounge areas, hallways, and even in the kitchen and outdoor area as well.
In more demanding areas like a bathroom space or elevation and terrace space which are prone to extreme weather and situations double charge vitrified tiles find perfect usage.

Our Collection of Double Charge tiles according to colors of tiles

As the best company manufacturing double charged vitrified tiles, Skytouch Ceramic offers an extensive collection of high-quality tiles. Their exclusive collection of double charged vitrified tiles is offered in a wide range.  
As a double charged vitrified tiles manufacturer, there are various series in Double charge that Skytouch Ceramic exhibits. These series are available in a wide selection of imaginative different colors and designs.

  • Arizona Black

    arizona black

  • Arizona Brown

    arizona brown

  • Arizona Eramosa

    arizona eramosa

  • Eleganza Black

    eleganza black

  • Eleganza Brown


  • Eleganza Crema


  • Libra Black

    libra black

  • Libra Brown

    libra brown

  • Libra Eramosa

    libra eramosa

Sizes in which Double Charge Vitrified tiles are available 

Skytouch Ceramic Tiles' double charge tiles will make your house seem contemporary and roomy. These floor tiles are made with cutting-edge innovation. Skytouch Tiles values assurance, and all of our creative tiles undergo a series of periodic inspections. 

These procedures are adhered to in order to surpass the requirements of the clients. These double charge tiles are available in different sizes: 600mm x 1200m Double charge vitrified tiles, 600mm x 600m Double charge vitrified tiles, 60 x 60 cm Double charge vitrified tiles.

Why we are the best seller of Double charged vitrified tiles?

As one of the finest double charged vitrified tiles brands in the world, Skytouch Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a benchmark in quality standards and technological innovations. A wide network that has spanned all across the Indian domestic market and has brought together an extensive network of businesses around the world, the brand has truly emerged as a global brand.
With excellent service and product quality that adheres to all international standards, the brand Skytouch Ceramic has been at the forefront of double charged vitrified tiles market in India. 


Which tiles are best vitrified or double charged?

Double charged vitrified tiles are the next generation of tiles that have taken the production process a notch higher and has resulted in the creation of superior quality tiles that are better in nearly every respect. Be it durability, ease of maintenance, or the overall aesthetics they are well beyond their contemporaries.

Are double charge tiles good?

Double charge tiles are an excellent choice. For its sheer versatility of application right from residential to commercial or from bathrooms to living rooms to terraces, they are limitless and imaginative.

How are double charge tiles made?

Double charge tiles are created from clay, quartz, feldspar, and silica. They are bigger than regular tiles and are manufactured by fusing coats of color. Because of their composition, these tiles are super strong and simple to clean.

What is the thickness of double charged vitrified tiles?

Charged twice, the double charged Vitrified tiles are typically 3-4 mm heavier than standard tiles created by combining two layers of tiles. This method yields tiles with thick tile surfaces. Ideally, they range between 8 to 10 mm in thickness.

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