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Know About the Types and benefits of Terrazzo Tiles

Many of you have often admired the beauty of the unburnt bricks that cover the school yards, garden yards, and sidewalks too. Do you want to install the same in your yard or property? 
Then you need to contact the top Terrazo Tiles Manufacturer in the country who will be designing and selling the best quality Terrazzo tiles. 

A closer look at the Terrazzo tiles

The popularity of the Terrazzo files is at its peak right now. These tiles are more famous as interlocking paving blocks. 

  • The chief constituents are sand, cement, crushed stone, granite stone, and color powder.
  • Usually, the manufacturers apply the hydraulic pressing method to make these tiles. 
  • A couple of separate motor components having a surface layer material and an underlayer material will undergo pressing to join together and enhance the strength.
  • It's time to learn about the different varieties of Terrazzo tiles available in the market. 

 Types of terrazzo tiles

SkyTouch Ceramic is the most reputed manufacturer of terrazzo tiles. Before you go through our Terrazzo tiles catalog, you should gather some knowledge about the types of these tiles available.

1. Sand cushion Terrazzo

The system comprises a topping of half-inch cement matric. The presence of sand dusting along with an isolation membrane, underbed, and wire reinforcement creates the perfect terrazzo tiles. You will need a depressed slab of 2.5 or 3 inches.

2. Bonded Terrazzo

This type of terrazzo tile contains a matric topping of half an inch. Being the top Terrazzo tiles manufacturers in India, we use an under-the-bed of sand along with a concrete slab and cement bonds. we will pour the terrazzo on top. 
But you have to depress the concrete slab to 1.75 inches.

3. Thin-set epoxy terrazzo

This particular system comprises the resin ned of ¼ inches or 3/8 inches as the matrix topping. We can use glass, granite aggregates, and synthetic as an addition to the marble. Our clients love this style of Terrazzo tiles in India because of their brilliant colors and high durability. 

4. Monolithic terrazzo

In this style, the terrazzo tiles comprise half-inch cement matric as the topping. The terrazzo topping and the bonding agents are the sole constituents.

5. Rustic Terrazzo

This type of tile will contain a non-ground and textured cement matric as the topping. we can combine the system with monolithic and bonded systems. But we need to depress the slab by two inches. The distinct textures on its surface are one of the major reasons for the rustic look.

Which system to prefer?

As you now know about the constituent Terrazzo flooring materials you can determine the appropriate system for your required space. But before requesting the terrazzo tiles from our company, we will request you to consider a few questions, like

  • Is this requirement for a new project or renovation work?
  • In case of renovation, was there terrazzo flooring already existing?
  • What kind of terrazzo flooring do you want?
  • Does the slab have the necessary depression?

Unless you can answer these questions specifically, we cannot suggest the best options for your space. 

Benefits of the terrazzo tiles

Many of the property owners ask the customer service team at Skytouch Ceramic, what’s so special about the terrazzo tiles. As we begin to answer, we realize that these tiles are true, the perfect addition to any property. 

Benefit 1: Unlimited designs

The discussion should preferably start with the abundance of the Terrazzo tiles design. unlimited color palette along with the application of water jet cutting techniques create a stunning visual impact. 
You can incorporate logos in the terrazzo flooring in any hospitality environment.

The designs and color transitions will impress the guests. You can also provide navigational clues as a theme of the flooring all over the building. 
And as it is easy to keep the terrazzo tiles clean, no harsh odor will cause irritation or allergies to the guests. 

Benefit 2: Cost-effective products

If you are looking for the most affordable tiles with maximum durability, the terrazzo tiles are the problem solvers. The Terrazzo tiles price is not exorbitant. 
The maintenance cost is minimum

  • A durable option for areas that receive high foot traffic like airports or hospitals. 
  • We can use water-based eco-friendly products for annual stripping and re-sealing. 
  • The routine maintenance involves using damp and dry mopping techniques for easy removal of dust, dirt, and microbes. 

Benefit 3: High durability

The quality of the tiles matters a lot in sustainable construction projects. Terrazzo is undeniably the most durable tile with the lowest life-cycle cost. As the premium Terrazo Tiles Manufacturer, we are glad to share the fact that our tiles have an outstanding record of performance as well as durability. 
So, you can install these tiles in Government buildings, schools, colleges, airports, hospitals, and other commercial spaces.

An embodiment of energy

Do you know that terrazzo tiles comprise naturally occurring aggregates as well as processed cement, recycled glass or plastic, and epoxy binders? In fact, the binders from 25% to 30% of the volume of these tiles. 
Our company is using pigments, aggregates, and fillers to make tiles that are the embodiments of energy. And this energy is the secret behind the maximum durability of the products.

A convenient solution is Skytouch Ceramic

As the top Terrazo Tiles Manufacturer, we always try to create the ideal solution for commercial spaces as well as residential properties. Finding a low- maintenance tile is difficult especially when you want an awe-inspiring appearance too. 
The terrazzo tiles are the epitome of beauty, elegance, durability, and low-cost maintenance. Moreover, you can clean the using environment-friendly techniques. 
So, we bring the best manufacturers of Terrazzo tiles and would like to suggest you all install these tiles in commercial spaces. If you expect heavy foot traffic in the area, do go for the terrazzo tiles. 
We have satisfied all our existing customers which has led to increased sales through recommendations. Discuss your project with us to get valuable insights about the product and its applications. 


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