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Wood Look Tiles Manufacturer in India

Because of its long-standing appeal, wood, the prized element that evokes nature, has turned into a mandate in many indoor and external places. Who hasn't fantasized about placing a parquet on their interior flooring but then was quickly put off by the high upkeep? There is, nevertheless, a more than the efficient alternative that blends the appealing look of wood with the ease of maintenance: wood-look tiles!
Individuals who want a nice and cozy design that is always on-trend and never fades out of style choose wood look tile. Skytouch Ceramics provides a huge selection of wooden tile designs that are likely to pique your interest.

Latest Wood Look Tiles Designs 

Exhibiting a realistic wood appearance, these are tiles that look like wood and are polished glazed porcelain tiles from Skytouch Ceramics that are as close as they can get to the real thing. Wooden tiles come in a variety of sizes, so choose the one that best suits your needs. 

The unique collection's wood tiles provide a natural aesthetic to your interiors while being incredibly durable and useful. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes, giving you plenty of options. There are several designs and looks to pick from.

Light wood-like tile flooring has a dreamlike quality to them, making a space appear more large and open. Wooden wall tiles aren’t too far off when it comes to appeal either.
You can go for a deeper hue of vintage porcelain wooden floor tiles imitating recycled hardwood with a matte surface to give your layout a touch of earthy appeal.

The latest hardwood tile look also features a gentle white and feather grey color scheme that offers an inexpensive premium impression.
Of course, there are many more such wood finish tiles designs that have evolved lately and brand like Skytouch Ceramic never shies away from innovative designing and patterns.

Size of Wood Look Tiles Manufactured by SkytouchCeramics

As a leading tiles manufacturer in India, Skytouch Ceramics through years of deliberation and thinking has figured out the best size of wood look tiles.

  • 600 x 600 mm 

The size 600 x 600 mm is a perfect size for wood-look tiles as it is neither too small nor too big, making it convenient to handle and yet achieve real authentic wooden floor or wall aesthetics.
All of the wood color tiles manufactured by Skytouch Ceramics follow strict dimensions standards so that our customers can always accomplish the kind of interior décor that they have always desired. For this, the 600 x 600 mm size has been both practical and more realistically closer to attaining a wooden interior.

Specification of Wood Look Tiles

Wood finish tiles outperform actual wood given that they are simpler to upkeep and wash and aren't prone to damage or deterioration over time. If you choose wood finish tiles, you could even wash out the dust, which you will be unable to do with hardwood floors since they might be damaged or degraded by dampness. 

You also don't need to be concerned about wetness or leaking with hardwood floor tiles and wooden wall tiles which are unavoidable with hardwood floors. Because water does not affect wooden tiles, you may use wooden tiles on exterior locations such as balconies without fear of them being destroyed by rain. 

The consistent design and true-to-life grains and patterns make these wooden color tiles perfect for any décor ideas. And lastly, the wood finish tiles are quite affordable, making them an even more practical choice.

Different Surfaces in Which Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles are Available

At Skytouch Ceramic we offer one of the widest selections of superior wooden tiles and the range is constantly growing. These polished glazed porcelain tiles are available on different surfaces as well, giving our customers more options to choose from. We offer various surface finishes which are:

  • Glossy

This gives the tile a gentler, softer glossy look, striking the effective balance between polished and sharpened. Our wood-look tiles in the glossy finish are a treat to own and admire, the natural shine that it emits can elevate the whole décor.

  • High Gloss

High Gloss wooden tiles, as the name suggests, give a higher shiny and polished surface. The extra polished surface is sleek and absorbs and emits light around it, bringing the aesthetic designs together and making it stand out.

  • Carpet Matt

Carpet Matt, like the name, may give out, looks much more like a carpet and has the matt finish to go with it. The suave and panache of a carpet and the wooden designs are perfectly blended in this one-of-a-kind collection.

  • Marble Marvellous

The Marble Marvellous surface finish is very comparable with the authentic marble, the texture designs and the patterns in this surface collection are truly unique and stunning. This visually appealing surface finish is a blend of rustic reality and modern dynamism.

What makes us the Leading Manufacturer of Wood Look Tiles?

Wood-look tiles are not the only tiling solutions that we offer at Skytouch Ceramic Pvt. Ltd., however, it is not a farfetched statement when we claim to be the best manufacturer of wood-look tiles. The sheer engineering quality of our produced products, the excellent properties, and the pros over cons that our wood look tiles exhibit has made us stand out in this segment of tiles. 

Skytouch Ceramic is the leading manufacturer of wood-look tiles and the same would not have been possible if we lagged in any of the areas that make us unique, be it our most modern infrastructure, our research and development facilities, our innovation, and our skilled workforce.

As a leading manufacturer, we have been able to produce some of the most in-demand wooden look tiles that are currently gracing the floor and walls of not just domestic customers in the country but all around the world. Our understanding of the needs of the clients and our awareness of the latest innovations in the industry have enabled us to keep up with the demands and grow.



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