Double Charge Tiles Manufacturer in India

Double Charge Tiles Manufacturer in India

In the competitive and evolving world of tiles, Double Charge tiles may be a new entrant, but they are surely making waves quite rapidly. As the name itself may give a hint, double charge tiles are double tiles, in essence, made up of two layers of tiles one over the other.

Double charge tiles are becoming more and more popular given that the tiles are engineered to provide twice as much as the normal tiles. Because of their attractive aesthetics and capacity to reflect the natural light that enters into any space, double charged vitrified tile is an excellent choice for a highly polished living room and bedroom floors.

How are Double Charge Vitrified Tiles Made?

The top layer of the double charge vitrified tile is made up of the design combina3tion, which is just over a quarter of the whole thickness of the tile that is around 3 to 4 mm. This layer is infused with colour and pre-set design moulds, and the blend is pressed under high pressure in a hydraulic press machine. Feeders are used to imprint graphics on the surface of the double charge vitrified tiles. There are many such feeders attached with a high-pressure hydraulic press which feeds the tile with design, colour and unique patterns. 

Double charge vitrified tiles are essentially manufactured with various spray driers and thus enhanced to make cleaning and maintenance easier as compared to other tiles. At Skytouch, the most modern technology from Italy is used to create double charge vitrified tiles, which are formed from a combination mixture of exceptionally pure and fine clays and other minerals. Double charge tiles with a glossy finish are made to go through the process of calibration where the surface is rigorously polished. This process is done after tiles have been set in the kiln removed and eventually cooled for up to 2 days.

Double Charge Tiles Manufacturer in India

Double charge tiles are a kind of Vitrified tiles, which goes through an intricate process to achieve an end product that is enhanced for several application. As a premier double charge tiles manufacturer in Morbi, Skytouch has been able to churn out the best tiles for many years now. Their wide selection of double charge vitrified tiles provides options for a wide range of uses and designs. 

From matt or glossy finishes for your space and different surface, the many options lest you create unique patterns and designs that compliment your personality. Skytouch and its double charge vitrified tiles is quickly becoming a favoured choice and is establishing a highly popular interior décor trend among house owners and architects alike.

Application of Double Charge Tiles

Given its many advantages, double charge vitrified tiles have a wide application range ranging from domestic to commercial and public utilities. They are completely practical in heavy footfall regions such as airports, hospitals, complexes, malls, hotels etc. Their unmatched aesthetics are a perfect match for a residence and a business office. Their properties like water and stain resistance make them perfect addition to your bathrooms, kitchens etc. as well.

Advantages of Double Charge Tiles

Double charge vitrified tiles are known and quite preferred for their innate properties. Some of which are:

Easy Maintenance

You may have heard it time and time again how tiles are easy to maintain, in the case of double charge vitrified tiles, they truly are. The properties of the tiles, which are engineered to a level where it can be controlled to what it can provide, let it repel dust, water and germs. An easy smooth wiping motion will do the trick for you, always.


Again, you must have come across the claim of being the most durable tiles out there for other kinds of tiles, well here it is literally true. The double charge vitrified tiles are quite honestly, twice what other tiles are. The thickness and the laborious manufacturing process that goes through in infusing two layers of tiles also provides it with the necessary strength to withstand anything. This quality also ensures that your investment in the double charge tiles is quite safe when it comes to it longevity. And given that its strength surpasses any other tiles in this regard, they are cost-effective, though the initial cost is higher as compared, but the same evens out through its lifetime.


It is also because of the world-class facility and the intense production process at Skytouch, which ensures that the surface of the double charge tiles is almost impenetrable when it comes to water. This property also makes sure that the second layer does not receive any moisture and keeps supporting the upper layer for its lifetime.

Scratch & Stain Resistant

All that it could be stained and scratched off have been literally done in the intricate manufacturing process.  All double charge tiles at Skytouch are treated using Nano Polishing Technology to ensure that they are completely non-porous and even throughout. The end product as the double charge vitrified tiles are very much resistant to wear and tear and stains if it is subjected to it.

Skytouch Ceramics

Skytouch Ceramic Private Ltd. is nearing a decade of service and manufacturing of the best tiling solutions in the Indian tiles industry. They have been en route to achieving their founding mission of being the market leader and their vision of establishing dominion in the tiles market with the high-class porcelain tiles and vitrified tiles collection. 

It is a highly regarded double charge tiles manufacturer in Morbi, completely because of its sheer quality, commitment and dedication towards its customers both in and outside the Indian subcontinent. Skytouch Ceramics is thriving, which is an admission that has been proved possible because of its resolve to come up with innovative new ideas to change the face of the Indian tiles industry. 

Skytouch Ceramics offers a wide variety of double charge tiles in many specific colour combinations and patterns exclusive to them in different sizes such as 600 mm x 600 mm, 600 mm x 1200 mm.

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