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Marble Look Tiles Manufacturer in India

Have you been trying to uplift the current look of your room to an all-new level? If so, then focusing on the best ceramic tiles to do that for you is indeed a necessity. Well, right now, our team from Skytouch Ceramic is more than happy to offer you Marble look tiles. As understood from the name itself, these tiles are perfectly crafted to replicate the marble finish and texture!

These tiles are not that slippery like real marble but will give out that exact same look. So, others won’t be able to make any difference! We have divided our marble effect tiles into multiple categories, which will make them perfect for your use.

Go through all the possible options we have in store and then you get to make the pick. Depending on the style or pattern you have chosen, the ranges are subject to vary. But, to make our services rather flexible for the masses to enjoy, we have added different sizes of these marble-look-like tiles for you to get a hold of.

Made using premium quality raw materials, these tiles, once purchased, are subject to last the longest. In order to make a purchase for your own use, call us at +91 70466 90088 and we are ready to solve all your needs right away!

Latest Marble Look Tiles Designs

This might be the very first time when you are aiming towards the 600 x 600 mm marble look tiles for your use. Well, we have some of the latest marble-looking tile designs waiting for you to grab. Some of those are mentioned below for your reference.

  • 2301 polished version
  • 2302 600 x 600mm marble tile looks
  • 2303 is another option to venture into
  • 2304 for some lighter color shades
  • 2305 for quality texture
  • 2306 for darker hues to contrast light wall colors
  • 2307 for a touch of pink to the basic white base
  • 2308 for a completely white base with darker pattern colors

The list of the marble effect floor tiles goes on. You have to check in with all the possible options before you can finalize and make a decision of your own.

Size of Marble Look Tiles manufactured by Skytouch ceramics:

Our team from Skytouch ceramics is known to offer the best and most used size of tiles by your side. So, once you are sure of the marble style over here, it is time to focus on the size. 600 x 600 mm is the most common size used and all the styles, mentioned above, are available in this chosen size.

  • Now, depending on the area you are planning to cover, you need to purchase multiple tiles from our source.
  • We even offer these marble-look tiles within affordable ranges, especially if you have chosen them at wholesale rates. It is one way to save some bucks.

Our marble effect flooring is designed to help match any residential or commercial need over here. It depends on what you are looking for and how much you are planning to invest in these flooring tiles. As you are investing quite some bucks, we ensure that the tile purchase from our side will be a one-time investment plan.

Specification of Marble Look Tiles:

Understanding more about the marble-look tiles is really important and for that, checking out the specifications is a clear aspect from our side. We have listed below some points for your reference. Some of the major characteristics of marble-look tiles are:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Porosity
  • Hardness
  • Solubility
  • Resistance
  • Powerful results

These tiles will have a harder finish coat on top, which will have that right glaze and finish for long-lasting response over here. These coats will make these tiles more resistant to water, chemicals and harsh weather conditions. Water absorption is less than 1% in such tiles.

These marble tiles are perfect for their hygienic levels. These tiles are pretty easy to clean and will need a little bit of maintenance from your side right now.

Different surfaces in which Polished Glazed Porcelain Tiles are available:

From the points mentioned above, you have clearly thought of investing some bucks in polished glazed porcelain tiles, which look more like marble pieces. But, there are different surfaces within which these tiles are available. Learning about those points in detail will help you in making the right choice later on.


The most common option under polished glazed porcelain tiles will be the glossy one. As you can understand from the name itself, these tiles are just perfect and will add that glossy texture at the top. It is perfect for the high traffic areas.

High Gloss:

For adding that extra level of luxurious and grand touch to your place, investing in the high gloss porcelain glazed tiles will be a perfect choice from your side. The best part is that there will be a hard coat cover at the top of the tiles, which will help in retaining the high glossy texture and look for a long time. No matter how many years will go by, the high gloss will remain intact!

Carpet Matte:

If the glossy texture is not your cup of tea and you are looking for something else, then carpet matte will be the best and foremost choice for you to make. Our team from Skytouch Ceramic has the finest collection of carpet matte for you to give out a try. Check out the color variations too.

Marble Marvelous:

If you are looking for the best polished glazed porcelain tiles with a marble finish, then our wide collection of marble marvelous will be the perfect choice for you to make.

What makes us the leading manufacturer of Marble Look Tiles?

Even with the tough competition ahead, our team from Skytouch Ceramic will present you with premium quality tiles to enhance the look of your commercial and residential units. Once purchased, our tiles are designed to last the longest and with little maintenance from your side.

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