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Best Porcelain & Ceramic Slab Tiles Manufacturer | 800 x 2400 x 15 mm

Slab Tiles

800 x 2400 x 15 mm

Slab tiles are a modern method of tiling surfaces for both interior and exterior areas. These large-format, sleek-designed tiles give a range of architectural projects a contemporary, flexible appearance. Today, these tiles have emerged as a popular option for designers and homeowners looking for durability and visual appearance. Whether you want small, or large slab tiles, you can easily discover various sizes in slab tiles. For those seeking grandeur on a larger scale, our 800x2400x15mm tiles stand out as a testament to luxury. Slab tiles are a great option for diverse spaces. They are ideal for kitchens, baths, and open living spaces because of their large proportions. They are fit for both interior and exterior uses with that lifetime span and strength. These are recommended for the planning of any modern-style architectural project to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The glossy finish of these tiles enhances spaces with a light-reflective sheen, adding elegant, easy-maintenance beauty.


Size : 800 x 2400 x 15 mm Series : Glossy


Size : 800 x 2400 x 15 mm Series : Glossy


Size : 800 x 2400 x 15 mm Series : Glossy
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